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"Deepening our connection to nature will serve our spirit, and what serves our spirit invariably serves our artistic output." RRubin

Anything and everything that is creative and environmentally conscious. From news to recipes, to ideas and products that will inspire you to live a creative and environmentally friendly life.

Strokes 2 Threads

After graduating from Parsons School in Design I returned to Venezuela, my hometown, and worked during 10 years designing, producing and selling my own brand of women's fashion. I worked closely with women who were the breadwinners for their family. I devised a campaign to motivate young voters. I focused on using the fabric waste to create packaging, accessories and programs in alliance with different non-profits to make creative projects. I also made canvas bags educating on the impact of plastic bags in our oceans. My designs were sold in Venezuela and abroad. It was an amazing ten years and I am still in contact with that group of women with whom we created and amazing team and bond.


After working as a fashion designer for ten years I hoped on Don Bartolo. A beautiful project in which I designed and marketed "chinchorros". In alliance with a non-profit we would teach women in rural areas of Cojedes, Venezuela how to braid chinchorros to become breadwinners for their families. We would provide them with guidelines, materials and courses on family values and home economics.

Don Bartolo

Way before buying vintage was in fashion, a group of women, including myself created an event in which we would sell donated vintage clothing. It has been 15 years since that day and now we sell above 4000 pieces of clothing on the day of the event which is celebrated yearly.  All the profits are for the non-profit Fundacion ProCura de La Paralisis to which I have been a part of since I was a 9 year old.

Salon Vintage

This project was a catharsis. It tells the very personal, but universal story of accepting the difficult things in life and seeing them in a new light only after surrendering and accepting it and its lesson. I also co-illustrated it with watercolors. This book has truly been a gift for me. Hopefully the english version will be out soon. 

El Regalo

I can hear my soul sing when I enter a flow state of creating, painting, cutting, glueing. I find inspiration in my personal exploration of the psyche, the ocean, fruits, colors, my heritage. My practice is personal, almost medicinal, but never selfish. An aesthetic expression of my soul. 

Fine Art


My name is Fabiana and I believe creativity is an innate quality of human kind. I am a visual artist, a mom, a fashion designer, a children book author and illustrator and a citizen of the world...

Ever since I can remember I have been intervening and up-cycling materials, giving new life to discarded treasures.

I thrive when I have been able to find a way to transform discarded materials into an activity that promotes community engagement, social and/or environmental awareness and economic growth for such community.

Since I was 9-years-old I've been rolling up my sleeves and diving into nonprofit work. It's an example that was set to me by the women in my family and that I've carried with me through the years, and I'm still at it today. Making a positive impact on people's lives is a privilege and I feel blessed to be able to contribute whenever I can.

In these social activities I have been able to merge creativity and the reduction of fabric waste into landfills. To me, the environment is more than just a backdrop; it's a lifeline we must protect. I believe that taking care of Mother Earth isn't just a responsibility; it's an opportunity to innovate, to inspire, and to change the world in unique and imaginative ways. I'm all about finding creative solutions that merge our passion for the environment with helping those in need.

So, join me on this incredible journey. Let's combine our love for creativity, our dedication to helping others, and our fierce commitment to the environment. Together, we can make a difference that will ripple through generations, leaving behind a legacy of care, compassion, and creativity. Let's turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and show the world that the power of one can create a brighter, greener, and more beautiful future for us all.

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What if you could help keep sneakers off landfills while helping economies of developing countries?

Recycle your Sneakers!

An amazing idea that helps save millions of gallons of water and keeps discarded fabric from entering landfills. Approved by SpaceX astronauts...


Stylish Italian sunglasses made from plastic recovered from the Ocean.

Boyan and Eyewear


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